Frequently Asked Questions

What makes H&C Education different from other consulting firms?

At H&C Education, we know that excellent grades and test scores aren’t enough when it comes to applying to selective colleges. This is why we’ve developed a unique method and curriculum to help students identify their talents and passions, and harness their entrepreneurial spirit to take on ambitious and impactful projects outside the classroom—projects that make a real difference in the college admissions process.

We have hands-on experience in setting up impactful organizations, editing, storytelling, and educating. We don’t just know a good applicant when we see one; we can help your student become one.

How do you help students explore their talents and passions?

We help students think like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not limited to founding and managing businesses and taking financial risks. Rather, to be an entrepreneur is to identify problems and solve them, to see what’s lacking in the world around us, and fill those gaps in innovative ways. Whether they are interested in art or astrophysics, we help them identify opportunities to harness their passions, pursue impactful projects, and gain recognition.

How do you work with students?

We work with our students one-on-one via video conference. Whether they are in the 8th grade or the 12th, we help our students develop a clear timeline with specific assignments and milestones. By working directly with students, we take the pressure off parents but keep them updated on important assignments and approaching deadlines via email after every meeting.

Where is H&C Education located?

H&C Education is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, but our counselors work with clients across the world. All our services are provided via video conferencing so we can schedule sessions in any time zone and on any day of the week.

Do you provide tutoring services?

We offer academic and test preparation services via Zoom. From calculus and chemistry to French and writing, and from the SAT to the GRE, our tutors are experts in various subjects and tests. We can support students at any level or location.

Can I afford H&C Education's services?

We offer a broad range of services and pricing options. We strive to customize a package to fit your specific needs and budget and offer flexible payment options. H&C Education also provides pro bono services to motivated high school students. We encourage all students—not just high achievers—who are looking for admissions guidance to consider our program.